We believe in cooperating as a team in order to reach our common goals.


We keep our promises, take responsibility and work to instill confidence in our staff, patients and stakeholders.


We seek to understand our partners and patients, and to treat them as unique and valued individuals.


We strive to treat everyone how we would like to be treated: equitably and equally.


No matter where you are, Independence Dental is there to help. We are not bound by geography and can invest in partnerships anywhere in the United States.

Image by Andre Hunter


Independence Dental is a community of like minded dental practice owners who believe that the future of dentistry rests in collaboration and partnership. Our core mission is to be a cross-country network that helps dentists serve patients. We understand the challenges that dentists and their teams face day to day, and at each stage of their careers. Our aim is to partner with dental teams to maximize their success in the delivery of oral health solutions to patients.

Our goal is to build relationships and partnerships with dentists across the USA. This starts with a mutual understanding, and when the time is right, we’re here to support your goals with a partnership option that is tailored to your needs. We have a lot to offer, and we’re committed to getting better together, everyday.