"The DSO for dentists who don't want to work for a DSO"

Transition Your Practice With Full Autonomy

Independence Dental Services offers a new way to practice dentistry. Maximize the value of your legacy and keep full control of your practice as you transition.

Did you ever think you'd spend so little time practicing dentistry when you started your business?

Being a dental professional and business owner can be difficult to master in tandem. While you've become an entrepreneur, you were a dentist first. Independence Dental gives you the tools you need to spend more time on what you enjoy, leaving the rest to us, without sacrificing any of your value.

Dr. Michael Todd

Our partnership with Independence dental let us continue to operate the same way we always have – We didn’t even need to change our branding!

Independence Dental  has preferred partnership agreements with proven industry leaders to help our affiliated practices to drive growth. All services are optional and can only be engaged with approval of the dentist owner.

Marketing, SEO, paid search and custom targeted campaigns

PPO negotiations, credentialing and coding

Assistance and guidance with advanced digital workflows

Sleep apnea appliance assistance including insurance billing

Preferred pricing contracts for supplies and products

Consultative sales training for entire office team

Remote patient consultations

Preferred rates with dental laboratories

Feature Partner Testimonial

Ken Cirka, DMD

Philadelphia Dentistry

Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School and growing the largest dental practice in Philadelphia with a 4.8 rating on Google with over 700 5-star reviews and almost $4 Million in annual collections, I knew that finding a special partner who matched my ethics and practice reputation would be difficult.  Independence Dental has been the perfect match.  Since starting the practice from scratch 20 years ago, we had never participated with any insurance plan and sought a partner who understood that the systems which we had in place could provide a stable, successful practice regardless of insurance participation.  To have a partner who left 100% control of the practice to us to continue running the practice as we historically did was a requirement.  In a practice that is efficient and running well, no radical changes should happen; Independence Dental has not interfered with the daily operations.  Instead they increased accuracy of record keeping, provided ways for the office to have less risk and has supported my staff without changes in their pay or benefits, resulting in very happy staff some of whom have been with me for over 15 years.


Their communication has been positive, supportive and professional throughout all stages of negotiation through the actual transition into partnership.  They were not at any point unreasonable with their demands during the negotiation process.  They were open to hear suggestions and recommended policies that would increase profitability.  Transitioning from a chair-side dentist to someone giving back to the community and the dental profession would not be possible without Independence’s partnership.  This has helped the local community by providing me the means to assist with food distribution and education support during the pandemic and is positioning me to give back to the group of dental and business educators who helped me on my journey to where I am today. Independence is in the business of growing dental practices to be stellar examples of what a dental practice should be - one with high ethics, great communication and a high reputation in the community.


If you have invested your life’s work in a practice that you are proud of owning, now is the time to make a move while practice values are still at an all-time high.  If you seek autonomy and desire to continue managing as you have always had, want a quick and easy way to transition to the next phase of your career, and want to be paid top dollar for your practice, speak to Independence Dental today.  Their fresh approach to partnership is supportive, injects energy back into the office and can make owning a practice fun again.  Most of Independence Dental partnership offices are positioned for incredible growth this year and yours could be one of them. To find out more about their group of ethical, strong, and highly reputable dental offices in multiple areas across the U.S., contact Independence Dental today. Whether you want to keep working for years or want a plan for retirement, Independence is flexible to make this a win-win for everyone involved.

How It Works

Meet With Us

At Independence Dental, we want to understand your goals first and make sure our culture is a fit. Meet with one of our senior leaders to learn what we're all about, and decide for yourself if a partnership with Independence Dental is right for you.

Give Us the Details

Once you've decided to explore a partnership with us, Independence Dental Services will need financial and production data to prepare a proposal for you. Your privacy will never be overlooked, and we keep all information and our discussions strictly confidential.

Get an Offer

After reviewing your unique situation and understanding your goals, Independence Dental will provide you with a proposal specifically tailored to your needs, with a focus on giving you the best value in the market.

Become a Partner 

Join our team and get the support you need to take your business to the next level, while keeping full control of your business, without the hassle of major changes to staff, systems or your brand.

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